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We strive to give our clients the best possible experience in a clean environment and leave here with a quality custom tattoo that you will love forever. If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please call the studio and ask to speak to a manager. 

-We are an ALL DISPOSABLE studio! What does this mean?
Some tattoo studios re-use their steel tubes. Even though an autoclave is used and the tubes are scrubbed clean before sterilization, it has been proven that skin fragments may still be present in the steel tubes even after cleaning and sterilizing.

-The other option is to use plastic, completely disposable tubes. 
Each plastic tube is pre-sterilized and packaged, and thrown away in a bio-hazard bin for disposal after every single use! They are NEVER re-used which eliminates any possibility of skin fragment debris.

-Also, everyone at our studio holds a Blood Borne Pathogen certificate
and is trained and certified in BBP/cross contamination procedures to eliminate risk. Our bio-hazard trash is picked up by US BIOCLEAN and is cataloged and disposed of properly by Health Department standards.